Chirpee Terms of Use

The following are the terms for the use of Chirpee service.

  • User must be citizen or legal resident of the United States.
  • User must be at least 18 yrs old.
  • User shall use this service for personal use only.
  • User is responsible for all activity that occurs under his/her IP Address and device with this service.
  • User shall not use this service for solicitation, coop for unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, or any affiliate link.
  • User shall not use the service for illegal purposes and actions that are prohibited by law.
  • User shall not use this service to incite violence, to physically harass, threaten, impersonate, intimidate or harm any individual or group.v
  • User should not “Reverse Engineer” Chirpee application.
  • User shall not access to hack, alter or otherwise use this service in any unauthorized manner.
  • User shall not utilize any software bugs, robots, web spiders, or any tech device to automatically access, extract, harvest any data or information contained on Chirpee Site and its User Pages & storages.
  • User shall understand and accept that this website uses cookies to verify user ID.
  • User shall agree to a Class Action Waiver and agree to not assert class action or representative action claims against this service, its owners, users, or representatives, whether in arbitration or otherwise, which actions are hereby waived; and to only submit your own, individual claims and will not seek to represent the interests of any other person.

Note that the terms of service will be revised from time to time.

Any violation of the above terms and conditions of use and ignoring the warning your service will be terminated.